COLLECTION - Objects stored in the Banjarejo, Gabus, Grobogan Museums such as fossils of ancient elephant tusks, ancient buffalo horns, and other relics. Photo: Wied Compilation

GROBOGAN (SUARABARU.ID) – Indeed, not many people know that in the Grobogan area there are also ancient sites, because they are still less popular than Sangiran in Sragen, or the Patiayam Site in Kudus.

Grobogan has a prehistoric site in Banjarejo Village, Gabus District. The discovery of fossils and various relics of the Medang Kamolan Kingdom is evidence of historical sites in this region.

Objects of historical value were found such as fossils of ancient elephants, ancient buffalo, bulls, deer, porcupines and so on. The fossils were collected at the fossil house on Jalan Banjarejo Batas Blora.

In subsequent developments, finally the Banjarejo Museum and the Gajahan Sendang Gandri Site were established. The museum was inaugurated by the Regent of Grobogan, Sri Sumarni in Banjarejo Village, Gabus District, Grobogan Regency on August 15, 2022.

Present at the inauguration were the Forkopimda of Grobogan Regency and the Sangiran BPSMP (House of Preservation of Ancient Human Sites), the Paleontology and Quaternary Geology Expertise Group FITB-ITB, Professors Aswan and Prof Zaim, as well as representatives of the Central Java Education and Culture Office.

The Regent of Grobogan, Sri Sumarni, said at the inauguration that the Banjarejo Museum could be an object of historical preservation, considering that many fossils have been found in Banjarejo Village.

In the identification that has been carried out, the fossil found in Banjarejo Village, Gabus District, Grobogan Regency is related to other fossil findings at a number of archaeological sites in Central Java, namely Sangiran, Patiayam, Kudus, Semedo Tegal, Trinil, and sites along the river Bengawan Solo.

“This fossil finding also has an important value from the position of the Banjarejo Site to the discovery of a number of other sites,” said Sri Sumarni.

The Regent also thanked BPSMP Sangiran, Geological Museum Bandung, ITB Bandung and the Head of Banjarejo Village for the cooperation that occurred until finally the construction of the field museum could be carried out.

“The Banjarejo Museum is expected to increase the number of tourists in Grobogan Regency, especially museum visitors and increase public appreciation and concern for the nation’s cultural heritage,” added Sri Sumarni.

Meanwhile, the Head of Banjarejo Village, Achmad Taufik, hoped that the existence of the Gajahan Sendang Gandri Site field museum could be a means of educating the community regarding the history of the local area.

Tyaning Wiedya